How to Download YouTube Playlist

This instruction will show you exactly how you can easily download all song or videos from YouTube playlists on Windows and Mac.

Tens of videos are set up into a standard YouTube playlist. The direct way is to download every single video one by one. Just copy a video URL to your YouTube downloader app or an online service.

Do you?

Save you time

I run the stopwatch app on my iPhone to note the time I need to copy and paste a link from the browser to YouTube downloader. It takes 10 seconds. I spent 10 minutes to copy 50 video URLs. I did it. It was boring and tedious.

What does this mean?

You may spend hours copying and pasting 500 video links from YouTube. Mission is impossible.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to download YouTube playlist at a go.

Follow instructions

  1. Download and install Free YouTube Downloader application by DVDVideoSoft
    Download for Windows
    Download for Mac
  2. Choose YouTube playlist that you want to download
  3. Copy the link
  4. Select a specific video from the playlist (optional)
  5. Download a playlist

It's time to try, but that's not all...
Hereafter there is a complete and itemized guide on how to download entire YouTube playlist. Just in case you need more details. Three secret tips in the text, two at the end!

Download YouTube playlist to mp3 and mp4 with Free YouTube Downloader

Step 1:  Run Free YouTube Download

This application is developed by DVDVideoSoft for Mac and PC. We made it as simple as possible. Run it to try.
Download and install Free YouTube Downloader by DVDVideoSoft to convert playlists.
There are the Paste button to paste URL, a selection of quality and format options and the Download button to start downloading. Format options are made to download: YouTube playlist or video and convert it to MP3 or MP4.
Look: it is rather simple, yet powerful.
Let's try...

Step 2: Choose playlist

Open YouTube in your browser and find a playlist you want to download.
Draw your attention to the browser address bar. All YouTube playlists contain appropriate parameters in the URL.

YouTube Playlist Search
Got it? Follow the next step.

But how to find more playlists on YouTube?
Users usually create them to organize videos in their accounts. Open user's channel on YouTube, go to ‘Playlists’ and select an interesting one.
YouTube Playlist Search Parameters
Secret tip #1 - for experienced customers
An even more advanced way of getting a playlist is YouTube Search. After typing a search query in the search box at the top of any YouTube page, click the Filters drop-down menu below the search box. Click Filters and click Playlist under Type.
Use other search filters to refine your search: upload date, duration, features, sort by...
Find all playlists of the funniest raccoon videos on YouTube!
Find all playlists of the funniest raccoon videos on YouTube!

Step 3: Get YouTube URL

It's time to copy the link.
There is a number of methods to take the playlist link address:
  • you can copy it from the address bar of your browser
  • click on the playlist's title and press ‘Copy link address’
  • make right mouse click on the video itself and select 'Copy video URL'
Paste the copied YouTube playlist link by clicking on the 'Paste' button.

Go to Free YouTube Download and paste this link. Your playlist will be added to the download list. Repeat this operation to add as many URLs as you need.

Yes, with DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader you can download several YouTube playlists simultaneously.

Step 4: Select only new or particular videos

See the secret tips at the end of this text!

Step 5: Download YouTube playlist

To save the playlist in the Original YouTube format, click Download and wait for a while.
Be patient: some playlists include a large number of files. This YouTube Downloader allows users to download thousands of videos.
Free YouTube Download will save only your favorite YouTube streams. Choose the ones you want to download.

All songs or videos from a playlist will be saved to the folder with the same name as the playlist. You will find it at the default system Video folder.

Secret tip #2 Download just new videos from the playlist
Click Tools > Options > Output and choose ’Skip downloading if the file already exists’. Thus Free YouTube Download will save only new videos, which haven't been downloaded yet.
Playlists and channels have a blue inscription in the program. Click on it and choose the videos you want to download.
Secret tip #3 Download particular videos from a playlist
Moreover, you can download particular files from the playlist. Save only your favorite YouTube streams. Playlists and channels have a blue inscription, here you can find the total amount of detected clips and the playlist size. Click on it. All videos from your playlist are listed here.
Choose the ones you want to download. For convenience use these options: ‘Search’, ‘Sort by’, ‘Select all’, ‘Invert selection’, ‘Selection filtered’, etc.
Playlists and channels have a blue inscription in the program. Click on it and choose the videos you want to download.

Besides, you can change output folder, output file name, proxy server settings. If you need help with this, follow the guide: How to download videos from YouTube.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer support team.

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