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Hi guys!
A bit of Friday News from DVDVideoSoft.

Finding the best software for downloading may seem like a daunting task. Nowadays the internet is overwhelmed with online services and desktop apps. Some work not constantly, others don’t support downloading of complete playlists and channels.
We offer reliable tools for downloading videos and music from YouTube and other websites. All 100% clean and safe, carefully checked with VirusTotal.
Get our YouTube video downloader and save videos in their original resolution. Learn more how to download movies in UHD and HD and convert them to the format compatible with your device from our step-by-step guides.
Use the YouTube to MP3 converter for downloading your favorite tunes in high quality. Save lossless from YouTube or convert for later playback on iPhone and other devices.

Try these programs. You’ll find them to be accessible and easy to get to grips with.

Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader for Desktop is out!

Our free online service for downloading YouTube subtitles has become so popular among our users that we decided to create the desktop app.
Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader has a familiar UI. This is a multi-functional and easy to use program that even a novice can handle. You can:
– obtain SRT and TXT subtitles directly from YouTube
– download subtitles in any language available
– add time stamps to navigate through the content easily
– select a particular interval
– preview the text before downloading

Got curious? Download the app right now and give it a try!

Handy tips from the DVDVideoSoft team

Good day to you all!

We know that a lot of you stay at home these days. So we’ve gathered a few handy tips for you to make the most of this time. Take a look at them:
1. you can download music for fun or lectures for learning and enjoy them on any device with the help of our speedy YouTube downloading apps
2. get subtitles from lectures/ podcasts/ TV shows etc and download them for self-improvement. Here is a cool online subtitles downloader for that.
3. and if you decided to do a home audio or video archive, here are the Video Converter, Audio Converter and Video Editor for you.

Enjoy your day and take care of yourself!

Fresh update for YouTube downloaders is out!

Good day to you all!

We’ve got used to constant changes from the YouTube side and last month was no exception.
YouTube has changed its algorithm that caused such errors as ‘The video is unavailable’, ‘105403 error code’, ‘4000 error’ and some other.

DVDVideoSoft engineers were working hard to find the clue. The fresh working versions are now available on our website (Free YouTube Download, Free YouTube To MP3 Converter).
Try them yourself and enjoy downloading without interruptions!

Holiday release

Dear Users!
We hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas!
Especially for you we’ve supported the latest YouTube updates, that prevented the download from YouTube.
Try the new versions right away and enjoy your favorite tunes during these winter holidays.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for your continued support!

YouTube downloading errors: fixed!

Hi, guys! We have a bit of news to share!

You must have noticed that last week YouTube downloading apps stopped working. YouTube has changed its algorithm and that was the reason for most errors.
We’ve released the fix immediately. If you haven’t tried it yet, follow the link to download and install our cool app and don’t be interrupted from downloading your favorite tunes again!

YouTube playlists can still be downloaded using our online service. By the way, it has been tried by 500,000 users since March!

The launch of an updated version of Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader, a software vendor of user-centered apps and services, today announced the launch of an updated version of Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader.

The main feature of this new update is an absolutely clean and easy-to-read text rather than a .srt file with redundant information.

The expanded list of options include the ability to:

– download subtitles in any language available
– select time interval to download subtitles
– choose standard timestamps to use in players
– place time stamps at a selected time interval for easy reading and navigation
– save as .srt format or plain text

Currently,’s team of developers is working on the third version of YouTube subtitles downloader which will make output text even cleaner.

Some of the new options will allow the ability to:

– delete hyphenations, empty lines and combine text into sentences
– delete any unrelated technical commentaries (laughter, music, applause)
– breaks the text into semantic paragraphs, based on pauses in speech

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