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by Cimo Ben
Thank you much for your hard work and for providing high quality programs for free. I myself a programer (obsessed by perfection) and you guys ROCK at all levels ! Keep it up.
by Xing G
This is the best software I have ever used! Premier quality and no limit on the length of converted file. Thumbs up to the developers! You've done a great job and Thank you very much!
by Ng Meng Kheang
It is very rare of any company like giving free softwares for the benefits of the world. More companies should emulate this great charitable coursev to benefit the humankind.
by Huy Phan
Thank you so much for all of your software. I've been a premium user June of 2017. I just wanted to show my appreciation of all of the hard work you guys do. I constantly find myself using the Audio Converter and YouTube downloader. I couldn't ask for easier software to work with.
by Pugo
I used the free version and then bought the Premier for on.y $10.00. It worked great. Now it has reverted back to "free" version. In the Video Editor it will NOT save as "Original file type" and puts a watermake on videos when I edit them. This happed several wees ago and it happeded ago now. HELP. Not a happy camper as they say.
by Troy from The Game Tips And More Blog
Fantastic Utilities and Software all around! I have been playing with them off and on over the past few years and have seen them continually improve and have seen new ones added all the time. I will be going Premium as soon as I can, supporting you and writing Reviews and telling everyone I can about these... Keep up the great work! ~Troy
by Andres Restrepo
I have used this program for a long time in its free version, now I have bought the Premium version, a job well done !!! Congratulations !!!
by Steve in Tx
I love this free program after using it for 2 weeks. I had many vinyl albums saved as wav files on my computer which I always meant to edit and save as mp3s. This program allowed me to break each album side into the composite songs, and save them in mp3 format with very little effort. I really appreciate it.
by Archit Agarwal
Simply the best apps to download from YouTube. Even allows you to download YouTube playlist.
by D Young
I really like this program overall, but have also found a few flaws or problems with it. For one thing, I suggest NOT having it auto-convert any Youtube videos, just have it download them at the resolution you want. When it downloads and converts it, I ALWAYS experienced a noticeable loss in image quality, even if the resulting file was slightly larger. This wasn't too bad in some videos, but was completely unwatchable in other videos. More importantly, somewhere around version 6.5, they redesigned it and left out some of my favorite features/options. One rather important feature for me was the ability to download subtitle files with the videos. Still, it is a useful set of tools. I like it's video to MP3 tool, so I can rip audio from video (such as tech/information videos) and listen to it in my car. It's video converter has a nice "auto-detect input" feature, but as I said before, be careful as it may reduce the quality considerably. If they re-include the option to download subtitle files, I may pick up a new version. Otherwise, I'm going to have to scour the internet for a 6.3-6.4 version which still had the feature. Sadly, I have installs up to 6.2.9 and from 6.5 on, but no 6.3 or 6.4 versions... But that wasn't the only nice feature they dropped or changed to a less useful feature, anyways.
by Bren
Absolutely love this! I've used several programs in the studio for years. It does exactly what I want, easy to use and fast. Totally free and you can download only the programmes you need.
by vk kannan
The best ever multimedia software bundled all in one place with unlimited recording and conversion. F.S. has changed my experience with recording, conversion and download to an extraordinary, awesome and mind blowing experience I have ever experienced I give 125% marks to F.S. Thank you F.S.
by mahmoud
very useful + working on windows 10 :D
by Marenzie Fernando
F.S. was introduced to me by one of my friends. This is a very useful application and thank you for giving it all free.
by Love it
I've been using this software for years, and I love it. Works great every time, and when something doesn't work, the support forum always has the information I need to fix it without having to contact anyone. Easy to use, great software
by charles
It´s the best free software pack for those who need to convert, edit, download media and much more, i use it since it started and it´s keeping up to its job, congrats dudes !
by Brian Carr
I've been using DVDVideoSoft apps for so many years. Just found unknown option - YouTube playlist Downloader! It saved me a lot of time!
by Kyle
Thanks for the awesome app. Unfortunately the app/patches download too slow, couldn't afford to stay with a buggy old version, therefore decided to leave ;p
by Gianfiore Antonioni
Il software fre You tube download è un programma che uso da anni. E' ottimo. Complimenti allo staff tecnico che diverse volte mi ha aiutato a risolvere problemi
by Garry Jantzen
Great products and great service (especially for a FREE product!) - better than some expensive software! Thanks!
by Vincent
Free and one of the best on the market. I hope your business model will allow you to continue development of these great applications!
by Goran
This package hawe everything i need for audio i video...converter,downloader,burner.The best of the best
by violette
This really is a brilliant package of software. I have been using it for a few years now and couldn't find better. Thank you
by Bardghost
Been using this for years and to see that they keep adding more and more software to it all for free and with no ads is awesome for me. Thx DVDVideoSoft
by Shane
Thank you so much for allowing people to use your range of software for free. I have being using your Video Dub for quick video cuts, and it is by far the fastest way I have found to do it. By the time I have already made a quick cut to a 1 Gb video file, other programs have only just loaded! And that's just one of your programs. Keep up the good work!
by Najeeb T
Use this apps for everything - video, audio, YouTube downloads. Awesome interface and functionality. Even convert any YouTube playlist to MP3.
by mariam
I have used DVDSoft Studio for more than 3 years and still counting without a fuss. DVDSoft has a big heart for sharing to the world for free, this great and amazing application for pure entertainment and glamour. Please, don't ever stop upgrading and adding more wonderful stuff, i love you forever!
by Matei
AMAZING! I love your software,all programs are great and you get top notch quality for free! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
by Dave D
This is definitely a highly recommended app. I've been using this program year after year, and have been amazed that it is still available! On my list of top 50 programs....oh and yes, it is number one. I give dvdvideosoft studio ***** 5 gold stars!! *****
by vishal gupta
This is an amazing software and I am using since last 5 years. I found this very useful, all in one and of course free. I have shared this software with many of my friends for various purpose they need for. Lot of love for DVDVideoSoft team.
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by Dinys
For long time i use freestudio (dvdvideosoft), in my life i never recomended something, but now, i recomended dvdvideosoft is very stable is.... perfect!. Tanks Guys for develop this, i recomendend freestudio. Tanks!.
by Jacky
I have used DVDVideoSoft software for years & it is truly amazing. The software is stable & very user friendly too. I have grown so attached to these programs that i cant seem to part with them. A sincere salutation to the company for bringing these wonderful software to the users. I am sure it is going to benefit millions in years to come. Thanks!!!
by Dani
I've used DVDVideoSoft for years, and I've NEVER had any problems. No viruses, no fee, it's simple to use and has saved me a lot of time and money. I can't express how amazing this is. Thank you so much for letting the world use this for absolutely nothing in return. You'll be happy to know I'll be using this for many years to come.
by livi
WOW! Its like am using a future application. Even we cant expect a premium app to do so. FABULOUS APP! keep up great job.
by Thomas
Wow! I'm not a programmer but whoever designed and developed this absolutely gorgeous and highly functional software deserves every credit 5 stars can give! Now I don't need 5 different programs on my computer to convert/download photos, music, youtube, movies etc. Way to go guys!!
by Alexander A.
Can i just say this simply - Genius!! - for the clarity, accessibility, usability, functionality is all too damn good. Love It!!
by Scott H.
Incredible app! You guys have knocked it out of the park. Ease of use is amazing, the number of individual applications keeps growing, wow. I can't say enough. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!
by Irfan
This quality is amazing. I've never seen such a beautiful UI combined with epic functionality. Keep it up!
by David.Russell
This is the first programme I install onto any machine that I mend has everything and more and it's free.No adware viruses nothing,so simple and easy to use sounds like a cheezy advert but thanks to all who make this possible there is hope in this world.
by Anna.Chanppa
Thank you very much for providing us with these valuable softwares free. It is very rare of any company like giving free softwares for the benefits of the world. I'm glad to find software which benefit me to be able to do self-learning at home, with different sorts of areas. You are a great company to give opportunities for those who has the heart to learn but can't afford those very pricing software out in the market. You have benefited the humankind ~ Especially for those who are keen on self-learning, and you have enable the lower income families with kids on their learning. Thank you to all the teams, developers, programmers and every staff for their efforts put forward. Warmest regards to
by Nada from Slovenia
Thank you for the best free software I ever known. I use it from the beginning and some of my wishes you made true. I'm not an English speaking user and am an older woman, but didn't have any problems with the program at all. I recommend it to all. I'm so happy for knowing your site and wish the team successful work. Nada
by Sani
Thank you very much for providing us with these valuable softwares free. All your softwares are extremely good and essential for teaching, learning, research and leasure. Thank you
by avilargmx
It is very rare of any company like giving free softwares for the benefits of the world. More companies should emulate this great charitable coursev to benefit the humankind.
by Pat Caldwell
Thank you for providing software that assists me greatly in lecturing. I like to use several YouTube videos of anatomy and physiology to help my students to learn the subject. My school does not allow access to YouTube and now I can access those files I deem most important and show to my students. It is rare to have something provided free that is as valuable as this software. Many thanks!
by Mello Iguana
Thank you for providing this software as a tool for people. I am a rocket subscriber and I am glad I subscribed! To all who haven't subscribed, I HIGHLY recommend it because the subscription increases conversion time as well as download time for the Youtube apps!
by Emma-lou
This software is brillant !!! Real high quality and FREE! The best I have come across! I hope you keep it FREE and thank you this is great!!
by Cold Waters
My sincere appreciation to you for such as great software for free. You should be a role model for other corporations.
by rosero
Thanks a lot for this software, it's definitely my favorite... Really useful, 100% complete and 100% FREE. We all thank you a lot for your contribution to the Software's World, you guys are the best, keep it that way!!
by ricky
free studio is good Since I use your software, I am impressed, easy to use, tutorials, instructions, steps more easy than others. And FREE, really, I am very grateful to You.
by maulik
Thank you for your hard work and give us high quality programs.You have done a great job.Thank you very much and PLEASE keep it up.THANK YOU.
by J Cardenas
Since I use your software, I am impressed, easy to use, tutorials, instructions, steps more easy than others. And FREE, really, I am very grateful to You. People, God Bless You.
by Laborrowtory
Thank you for the consistently reliable freeware you guys continue to provide to the community.
by KIran Lokhande
Heartily congratulation for such type of software. I like and i am still using to convert DVD MP etc. Thanks
by BENO O.
by Pratik Baral
Really A Great Software I Thank The Developers For Making This Software So Unique And Easy To Use.The Best Part Of The Software Is Its Free.Thank You Very Much
by Dinesh B
This is a best software for converting videos to various different formats. That also free of cost. Thanks a lot.
by Jommel de Guzman
Thank you so much for this free software, Im using this for a long time and this is the best software coz it help me a lot ^_^
by Herman R
Honestly can't believe that software like this is free, hats off to the developers for this program.
by standard
Thank you much for your hard work and for providing high quality programs for free. I myself a programer (obsessed by perfection) and you guys ROCK at all levels ! Keep it up
by Ahmad Salihu Bn Musa
I have used your software and find them indispensable. Sincerely speaking, your software collection are the best free software i ever used. Keep it up!
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