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    Well, I fixed it but I did so many things, heh.
    I will post what I did here (point form) to perhaps help others that run into this or a similar issue:

    – Uninstalled all Codecs (Codec packs such as Klite, CCCP, etc and individual Codecs such as DivX, Xvid and others (some of which were installed separately by commercially-purchased products such as VideoStudio, PowerDirector, etc)).
    – Uninstalled all DVDvideoSoft products and Deleted Settings of them (option in easy to use and helpful Uninstaller)
    – Reinstalled VideoCard/GPU Drivers (I “updated” to a Beta version as well, but both uninstalling and/or updating may not be needed)
    – Repaired (“Change” in the Setup program in Programs of Control Panel) all Microsoft Libraries (Visual C++ Runtimes, all years shown/installed)
    – Reboot after each step above, with one final Reboot after all steps

    Although not all of them may be required, after doing “everything” the Dvdvideosoft product now runs again and works well – I am impressed and am enjoying all installed DvdVideoSoft products – well done!

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