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    Nicholas B
    So I downloaded a few songs and added them to my Ipod. At first they
    sounded good but 25 seconds in I started getting this static sound. I know the issue
    has to be with the song files seeing that all my other songs sound perfect.
    I'm assuming it's because I selected one of the "High Qualities". My question
    is what is the best quality to use when adding these songs to an ipod?



    Hi! For the best audio quality while using our Free YouTube to MP3 Converter I suggest you using this combination of presets:
    You should choose and activate the following options and presets for input:
    Go to Menu Tools > Options > General;
    Activate "Detect all video formats for each download (slow)" option;
    Change the input presets: choose "WebM“ 360p" (if it is available), it has the best quality of audio for your YouTube video.

    You can also change the output presets:
    Go to Menu Tools > Options > Output;
    Choose Desired Video Quality "Best YouTube Quality";
    In the main window of our program choose or change the output presets to "Original - Extract original audio (AAC, or MP3, or OGG)".
    As for the best output *mp3 quality I suggest you choosing "Original - Extract original audio (MP3 only)".
    This is the combination of presets for the best output audio using our program.
    This combination has been analyzed and approved by our developers.

    About the second topic "more about the qualities" read more about that issue, by clicking here.


    I'd recommend LAME Economy Quality (VBR, 44.1 KHz, Joint Stereo) if you need the music in MP3,.
    However, seeing as how you're using an iPod, you can support AAC (M4A) audio. If the YouTube video you're trying to rip is in MP4 format, it likely is using AAC audio streams. You can extract them by following the directions Mikki gave you, or watch this video.


    Thanks for your suggestion and for supprting us Yami.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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