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    The button for the Download All Audio Tracks gives an error of No valid URL in Clipboard


    why does  Nikky Administrator close every thread in this forum when nothing is resolved and my post has been completely removed, only after a few days! The whole point of forums and threads are so that many people can read, post, update, and contribute different information helping others.....

    man like a dictatorship, you cant freely talk frustrating

    and im sure this thread will be closed in a few hours LOL

    Hello! We close topics if we ask users contact our support team as we cannot help them here. And in orde to avoid spam.


    I keep getting not a valid URL in clipboard on every video. I was going to pay the premium i'm glad i didn't at this point. i tried to get an answer here but i see it's a waste of time.

    Hi Cindy,

    Please try to update it in the following way:

    1. First uninstall all our programs:
    Click Start → All Programs → DVDVideoSoft → Uninstall (check the box 'Select all')
    2. Download and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.12.59 build 616

    If the problem repeats, please send us the logs:
    1. Reproduce the error and close all DVDVideoSoft programs
    2. Launch "Log Report" (Start => All programs (Apps on Windows 8) => DVDVideoSoft => Log Report)
    3. (After the report has been generated) Click "YES" to open the folder with archived logs
    4. Attach "_logs_to_send" to support team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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