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    I just uninstalled the old version I had of DVDVideoSoft and re-installed the new one and it doesn't work. I am trying to use YouTube to MP3 and for every video I try it just says "No Video To Download". Is it an error with the software or my computer? I really want to be able to download music...does anyone know a solution for this?

    Hi Courtney! Please try to update it from our website in the following way:

    1. First uninstall all our programs:
    Click Start → All Programs → DVDVideoSoft → Uninstall (check the box 'Select all')
    2. Download and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

    If the problem repeats, please send logs to me:

    1. Launch 'Log Report'
    Start → All programs (Apps on Windows 8) → DVDVideoSoft → Log Report or just press Ctrl+Alt+L.
    2. Click 'OK' to open the folder with archived logs.
    3. Send '_logs_to_send' to Help Desk. Write in the subject 'For Nikky From Courtney, forum 8590'

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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