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    Hello! First I’d like to thank you for your good work here with this software, it’s amazing what you acomplished and im happy to own a premium licence. There’s just only one thing that a long time ago used to be available, and now it is not anymore .. I think that one of the most important features that the Youtube to MP3 software is now missing is the possibility to select the bitrate for the audio content should be after conversion. it’s automatically 128 kbps, and if i want the best quality , for example 320 kbps for an audio file extracted from an youtube video , Now i first have to download the video using youtube downloader and then use the video to audio extractor, where i can select the desired bitrate. Why not added such a simple task as selecting directly the audio bitrate wanted for the mp3 from the youtube, without needing to extract the video itself first?
    Would be great to add back this option, i remember very sure that a few years back this option existed directly in the youtube to mp3 settings…
    If there is and i haven’t seen it, please guide me to where i can find it..
    Thank you!



    Good day,
    It is possible to set the bit rate for the MP3 file format in Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. You need to choose the desired preset from the drop-down window, e.g. ‘MP3 Lame Insane Quality – 320 Kbps’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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