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    hi guys.. i try today to download a 131 video playlist.. but the limit is only 30!!! please solve the problem.. we need no limits playlist download...
    do you confirm that in a premium mode there's no limit videos of playlist???
    how many video in a playlist is possbile to download with premium???
    thanks a lot..


    How about an on playlists so after 30 video downloads, we click it and it downloads the next 30. Like how we get the pop up asking to download individual video or playlist.


    Still waiting for a reply to Dionysios's questions


    Tony Moore
    Nikky - Before I pay for the premium membership, can you confirm that it will successfully download a playlist of any length?


    Tony Moore
    Here's another issue - let's say you're trying to download a playlist of 100 videos - it asks you if you want to try to download the playlist and you say yes - it downloads the first 30. Now you want to download the other 70 one by one - there should be a way to tell it not to ask you if you want to try to download the playlist! You have to say "no" for each of the other 70 videos!

    As I see it Nikky did not really answer elusive's question above, he only said you can "download an unlimited number of YouTube videos", but _not_ "there is no limit on playlist size". For me it seems he just skirted the issue.

    If you're reading this, Nikky, can you confirm the playlist limit on paying customers, is it really unlimited or is there a limit?


    Tony Moore
    Another related question has to do with the premium version's feature of expanded playlist using "youtubx library" - what does that mean?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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