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    I need to find the old version of YouTube to iPhone converter because i updated it to the new version and everytime i paste a URL into the box a thing pops out that says Class not registered, ClassID: {626FEDEF-C3B4-4BFC-9B56-7105C1872808}. So now I just want the old one back because it never gave me any problems and it worked perfectly please help!!!!


    I downloaded the previous version and it starts our fine but when it gets to 50% another “Class not registered” thing appears and i went to the post “Class not registered” and i noticed that you told the other person that u dont support Windows ME which is what i have. Before i upgraded the YouTube to iPhone converter it was working fine but now the thing says that VideoFiletoIPOD.dll Failed! Can you please help me i really like using this program.



    I don’t know why our software worked before, but we really don’t support Windows ME, sorry…


    well when i downloaded the previous version it was wroking awesome! i dont know why but now its not working correctly when it converts the video it uploads it into an mp3 file and i want the iPhone video file=/ help..



    You should select “Apple iPhone” in the list of devices (in the bottom left corner), so your files will be converted to mp4 video format.


    I retried to download it and I made sure it was on “Apple iPhone” on the devices thing but it still did the same thing. Like as a file on my computer it looks like an mp4 file and everything, it has the icon like an mp4 file but it wont play on my mp4 player it only plays the audio when i put it on an mp3. Help!!!



    Please send me this converted mp4 file for tests. I’ve emailed you about how to send it to me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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