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    So, I’ve been using your guy’s software for a while now and I’ve been through the thick and thin with the YouTube to MP3. One day I decided to update the software and it gave me the “new and improved” update. It honestly sucked. I would copy a link and it would double download the link. Along with the thumbnail wouldn’t download with the audio and the software was incredibly laggy. So I looked elsewhere for a YouTube to MP3 and I just couldn’t find anything worthwhile. I come back and I see you guys allowed the users to download YouTube to MP3 Classic! I was very happy with that so I began to use the software once again! Unfortunately, I came across another problem. Whenever I would download something it would always give me an error telling me that there was no internet connection when I did have a connection so I came to the forums to see if others were having this problem and it seems like a few did. I saw that you guy’s stopped supporting the software and that was probably why I could no longer use it. I began to try the “new and improved” version and I just can’t use it. Laggy. Doesn’t transport the file to my iTunes or my music file. Sometimes downloads the MP4 file when it’s clearly an MP3 converter and isn’t that very good once again.
    Could you guy’s please bring back the Classic version or please fix these problems!
    I’m on version

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    Hi, Fetus!
    We don’t support Free YouTube to MP3 Classic any more, you’re right. We’re not going to bring back this version in the nearest future.

    You are using an older version of the program. Please update it from our website and inform me about the result.

    1. First uninstall all our programs: Click Start → All Programs → DVDVideoSoft → Uninstall (check the box ‘Select all’)
    2. Download and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

    If the problem still persists, register via Help Desk and attach the program log files please.
    To send the log files open Free YouTube to MP3 Converter and go to Help – Collect logs.

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    Thank you so much. That did make a difference! I was on the version just a prior version that what it currently being used and it made quite the difference!
    Just one small problem that is totally cool but I was wondering how I could solve it. My songs aren’t being redirected to a new iTunes playlist after they have been completed. Any way I could fix that?



    Hi! Please open the application and go to Tools – Options – Output and check the option ‘Add output files to new iTunes playlist’.
    If this doesn’t work, send the program log files via Help Desk.

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