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    Our products are freeware and during the installation we show other applications adds, which bring income to our company and let us continue developing free products.

    All advertised apps are carefully selected by our partner, Open Candy, who gives us all the adds. So that if you get them accidentally they don't harm your PC anyway.

    You may deny their installation easily and go on using our freeware. But the fact that users can accidentally install the advertised applications is a great problem for antivirus. And as lately some antivirus software disapprove this type of activity they may show you malware warnings.

    Now we are faced with a difficult choice. We'll probably remove all ads from out installations and make our free apps paid.


    As I mentioned the other day, after I installed the latest beta version of Free YouTube Download, I started seeing pop-behind ads in Chrome.  [pop-behind = a new tab opens, displaying a site I did not select and certainly not want]

    During the installation there were no options. You later pointed me to another version, no longer beta. However, though that version came with options, it did not mention anything about Open Candy, and the problem persists.

    This means that though I opted for the premium service, I now have a system that is infected by adware.

    I have blocked the sites it displays in my hosts file, but I still want to receive official instructions on how to remove that unwanted adware.

    I'd much rather pay for software that does not install these extras.

    In my history file, the pop-behinds are always proceeded by a 'redirect' URL from

    Hello! Please accept our apologies.
    If you need any help in deleting unwanted products which seem to have been installed without your consent together with our products, please let us know. We will help you.


    I don't know what version that I downloaded, but I had to get a number of virus checkers (hitman), Malbytes, and one more. I finally removed what I felt like was a very bad virus, just before I reloaded a new operating sys.
    I still haven't got the latest version, and I'm very scared to try.



    The Problem is in the Programme: Free Youtube to MP3 Converter.
    It still persists. With this programm an unwanted programme will be installed automaticly with (impossible to avoid) I did also alert your collegues about this.
    The antivirus Programme reply is:

    Start of the scan: Samschdeg 6 Juni 2015 01:14

    Start scanning boot sectors:
    Boot sector 'HDD0(C:)'
    [INFO] No virus was found!

    Starting search for hidden objects.
    Hidden driver
    [NOTE] A memory modification has been detected, which could potentially be used to hide file access attempts.

    So here it is. Our NSA entry point. The question is. Are you aware?
    Because for me as a simple PC user is it impossible to locate and eleminate this hidden object....

    Hello! Thank you for the information. We'll check it.


    Recently updated (and improved??) Norton Internet Security ( is quarantining freestudiomanager.exe for "Suspicious.MH690.A".  Norton has not previously complained about your software.   YouTube downloader seems unaffected.  Not sure about other programs in your suite.

    Hi Dave! Thank you for the information. We'll check the issue and inform you about result.

    I found traces of PUP data via a malwarebytes scan after installation, but I never came across any redirect stuff, something to do with 'Wajam', 'OpenCandy' and other things bundled with FS installer.

    Earlier I found Sale Clipper, but I removed that quickly.

    @Termingamer2-JD We need proves to send them to our partners who select all advertized apps. Make screenshots of the scan results you get and send them to support team.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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