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    Recently I burned an .mpg video file to DVD. The video file was Rendered in Sony Vegas to DVD-Video specs: 720×576 PAL 25 Fps BFF (Interlaced). But when I examined the burned DVD with MediaCoder it showed that the DVD has Progressive Scan. The Playback in VLC player was better with De-Interlace On though. But anyway: can it be so that Video TO DVD converter converts an Interlaced .mpg file to Progressive? I would also like to have the ability to choose my own bitrate, not a fixed one.




    Good day Maris,
    All available presets are shown in the drop-down menu. What other video settings would you like to see in the app? I’ll redirect your suggestions to the developers.
    Please send me both the original and converted files for tests, specify what presets you’ve chosen. This will help us to investigate the issue.
    You can send the link to your video files by writing to the support specialist via Help Desk.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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