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    So I really want to download a song, but when I paste the link it finds the song, and then starts to check. It then says 'video detection error' and won't let me download. The song is on youtube and is just a picture in the background. I only get this when I want to download a song that just has a still background, if it's a music video I don't get the error. Is there a setting I have wrong, why cant I download the song I want?
    Oh, and its the newest version by the way


    I hate the new version! You needa manually copy each song onto itunes --.-


    why isnt it working :(


    Alan and jesz, please give me more details: program and version. And what error message do you get, if you get any?


    I downloaded at least 120 songs but now I cannot play them , seriously annoyed. What the hell is wrong. My Youtube to MP3 converter cannot find a video in the links and I can't play my songs, seriously annoyed. V. 3.10.5 build 722 .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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