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    I would like to ask for some extra information put into the How to Use documentation that would be helpful to anyone that doesn't already know what the selected function is used for.

    Almost all the documentation that I read for small computer software is written from the point of view that the user already knows exactly why the software exists and what it accomplishes, but they simply need to know how to operate it. Well, I for one believe that answering the question at the top of the DOC of "What is the Purpose of this Software" would describe the reason this SW exists, and "what it accomplish"?

    Start the description section in each of your programs with the phrase "The purpose of this function is...." and then go on to describe WHY the program exists. That is: It is used to convert a video file from DVD format compatible with computers to a video format that can be shown in a DVD or other similar video/audio device.

    For instance, I can't tell the reason to use the FREE VIDEO TO DVD CONVERTER over the FREE MP4 VIDEO CONVERTER over the FREE DVD VIDEO CONVERTER. List the high points and describe the difference in the input file format and how the output file will be different in the case of converters.

    Does this description give you an understanding of my view of what is missing from the DOC? If I don't have this information supplied then I will have to experiment with the software function over and over until I have determined that information. This is something that I've felt was missing from all small computer DOC. I was used to this information when working with large computer software.

    Hi Roger!

    Thank you for the suggestion. We'll think it over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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