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    1) The update of utilities is very time costly and very annoying, it would be great if you could make an embed like update without the need of manual downloading the setup.

    2) After the update of an utility (like Youtube to mp3) the settings are reset to default and this wastes again some time.

    3) It would be great to have an export settings from all utilities to use when reinstalling windows or moving to another computer.



    I'd like to see an installation choice menu, so we can install the programs we want to, and not those we don't use.  If we need another one installed, we can just go back to the setup and install what we need to.


    Thank you for your recommendations! I've sent time to our engineers' team ;)


    I agree with  Revolt, this is very annoying...


    Jules, thank you for the comment, we'll try to do it.


    This is a Godsend application suite that I did not know that it existed until a few weeks ago.  I am still exploring its jewels and surprised every time.  Thank you very much.

    It is an excellent idea to have each application check for an update every time you start using it. However, I would like to make the following suggestions (with reasons):

    1. Currently, the application goes online (through the default web browser) to check for updates. However, if the update bombs out for any reason, you are unable to return to use the application at all. I would therefore recommend that:

    1.1 Options are provided to be able to set for automatic checking for updates or not. (Some of us cannot be online all the time due to power and internet failures.):

    1.2 Option to check for updates on request;

    1.3 Capability to use the current program(s) if the update is not successful;

    1.4 Having set up your application options, you should not need to re-input your selections every time an update happens;

    1.5 Having opted for an update, to be notified of other Studio packages that have updates so that you may select the ones you wish to update;

    1.6 Perform the updates in the background.


    Thank you for suggestions! ;) We need to think them over.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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