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    I have a problem with my converter...
    i have installed the new version of the converter and it works! i can convert songs from youtube to mp3s but if i download a song it is a terrible quality even if the song is on youtube in a good quality and i set the "insane mp3 quality" !
    what can i do ? :/


    i have the same problem. no comparision with the songs i downloaded 1 week ago


    i have the same problem, but a lot of users are already enjoying the new version without bad quality... what can we do?


    It seems to be working fine for me, with no loss of audio quality. Just out of curiosity, what is the sound like for those whe are getting poor quality? How would you describe it?


    Well there is a hissing of the loudspeakers and the song seems to be very quiet for me. Someone already said that the songs on youtube might have too bad quality for downloading it "insanely"?
    Is this possible? I have to admit, I updated my converter for the first time today^^


    I am experiencing this too. It's quite muffled and sounds like a poor radio broadcast. Definitely not good enough! Hopefully there will be a fix soon.


    Same problem here. Compared to the old version the new one is terrible. The difference of the sound-quality is huge. Doesn´t matter what quality you choose...
    Hope for a fix too, otherwise this tool isn´t useful anymore.


    Hello guys! We are aware of the problem with sound quality. As soon as we have a fix on it, we will notify you. Just keep in touch.


    Thanks Joyce!  Good support provided here for sure.


    Thx, great work!


    its not as good, why update like that?


    Me 2, please, explain what you mean. What program do you use? What version do you have? What error message do you get, if you get any? Give me more details, and I'll try to help you.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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