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    Brad Erickson
    This has been going on for at least a month.  When I open YouTube Download(which by the way is a very good program), it declares a update is available.  I am pretty sure that there is not a new update every time I open it.  I "x" it.  When I close it, Setup appears, downloading in progress.  The only way I can cut it off is go to Task Manager and End it.  Its not just updating the YouTube Downloader but, the whole suite.  Has to be something in the last update.  Running Windows 7.  Premium member.  Do I have to uninstall everything and start over?

    Hi Brad!

    Please follow this instruction:
    1. Go to Start->All programs->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall
    2. Manually delete folders (if you have them on your PC):
    - C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft
    - C:Program FilesCommon FilesDVDVideoSoft
    C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingDVDVideoSoft (this folder is hidden, you should change the settings, to be viewable so you can delete)
    3. Download and install free cleaning program CCleaner
    4. Open CCleaner, go to Cleaner tab und click Run CCleaner
    5. Open Registry tab, click Scan for Issues and then click Fix selected issues...
    6. Then download and install Free Studio

    Could you inform me about the result, please?


    Brad Erickson
    I did follow the instructions.  As far as number 2, did not find folders and, did change folder settings.
    It did seem to work the first time I ran YouTube Downloader.
    Then I ran it again today, happened again: download starting in... . Cut if off with Task Manager.
    Decided to try to just get the YouTube Downloader only.
    Using IE 11 on Windows 7. IE initially refused to download, download on Retry option.
    When I did Run for the .exe, Windows spit this error out:
    Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions
    to access this item.
    At the same time, Webroot was tripped with this offending item in 2 locations:
    I have been using the Downloader for some time, updates came and go without incident.
    Something is not clearing out after a update. Noticed that after I uninstall and reinstall, it still knows I am a
    Premium Member. How does it know? Cookie?
    Would like to stay with this program but, may be forced to go elsewhere.


    yes kept saying update

    there way to turn off auto update?


    Brad Erickson
    Ran YouTube Download for first time after finally getting a successful download and install.
    Noticed that it is now version 4.0.10, up from 4.0.8.
    After a couple of run attempts, a window came up that has never come up before.
    Windows Program Compatibility determined that for the program to run(YouTube Download),
    it had to be set to Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    Appears to be running.
    Since when does it need to run with Windows XP settings? Has been working in the past on Win 7.
    I will be updating to Windows 10 soon. Will this make things better or worse?


    Please submit a request to support team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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