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    Firstly thank you for this wonderful piece of software!! It works very well!

    I have one suggestion and I do not think it would be that much trouble(?) to include in future versions of the "free youtube download"

    when you go to download a channel (a user's upload section) the program shows you a list of videos that you can download. However what happens is that some users will include new videos on a daily basis, and therefore make it hard to sort through so you do not download the same videos again

    Would it be possible to allow sorting by name? Like the box will show you what videos you can download and if you click the top of this windowbox it will then sort the videos by name. Now it is much easier to see which ones you have and which ones you need. Some users have well over 300 videos and when they are all out of order in this display box (since windows will sometimes sort by name), it makes it very time consuming to see what is new and what is old with comparing what you already have on your hard drive

    I probably made this more confusing then necessary


    That is great news! For records sake I actually found your program via a youtube user who mentioned it for archiving videos.

    Yes anything with sorting file names or the “new videos added” message would be a nice benefit

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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