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    Hi, my name's Jacek and I've been using your software for about one year. Many thanks for your generosity in sharing the results of your hard work with us. Now I've  found it's time to make an update and I'm disappointed to discover that it's no more possible to do it offline. Not a long time ago I could go to your site and download stand-alone installers which were sufficient to install your software on my computer, without the necessity to download more components during the installation. Now, apparently, it's no longer possible. On your "download & install" pages I don't see actual installers but only installer downloaders that require an active internet connection during the installlation process. But I definitely prefer to install offline, by means of a complete, stand-alone installer. Is it possible to get such installers of your programs from your site?

    TiA, Jacek.


    Hi Jacek. Yes you are right. At the present time there is only web-installer on our offcial web-site. But we can  make an exception, and we will send you link from our standalone installer.
    Click here and download our program using the old standalone installer. Best wishes, Mikki.


    unfortunately, I depend on the offline install of software to propagate to people who would want it from me.
    (as a part of the things I keep on a thumb drive on key ring)

    Like the last time you made it unable opt out of install of trial ware, I will be hanging onto an last version that will allow offline install. (above link) and can not use newer versions simply because they do not work for me when im out.

    You make an otherwise very usable product that bundles otherwise advanced open source non gui software easily. Please consider the advanced users. I understand that you have the need to rotate the ads and trialware during install but I do not always have internet available when installing software.

    I may have to look at an alternate suite if i cant get updated any more.



    Hi. Our company management will be informed about your report. Thanks for supporting us!


    Thanks a lot for your kind answer to my request! I downloaded the installer and let it run on my comp to install your software. It works fine now. It was crucial for the video editor whose previous version (fFS 6.3) refused to work on my comp for some reasons.

    I'll be indebted if you provide us with these stand-alone installers of the future versions as well!. TiA, Jacek.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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