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    Here are some ideas, that I came up with for the Screen Recorder software

    1. The first idea would be hotkeys.
    It is actually quite annoying to wait for the right time to finish your (full screen) recording, because the icon isn't always there in the taskbar. Plus - when you do end the recording from the taskbar, you have to edit that part out later.
    The hotkeys would also help, when you are starting your recording, since immediately at the moment you press the Start Recording, it starts recording. It will also record you trying to open the right thing you want to record.
    Hotkeys would solve these problems. For ex. When starting recording, you press the start recording key, then you open the thing you want, press the, for ex. F1 key, and THEN it starts recording. When you need to pause, you press F2, And when you have to end the recording you just press F3. That helps you save actually a lot of time, while editing your videos.

    In fact, a lot of screen recorders have hotkeys. :D

    2. Audio recording.
    There should also be an option to record your computer's sound or your microphone or both.
    At the moment, when I'm doing my gameplay videos, I use TWO dictaphones: one records computer's sound, one records me. If your program would have the audio recording option, I would save some more precious editing time. (at the moment, it takes about 10 minutes to put together audio + video for 1 minute of video time.)

    3. Some new video recording options.
    I would suggest an option, which records a fixed area around my cursor. (For ex, 600*600). And when I move the mouse, the area moves too.

    So, this is all at the moment. What you think of these?

    Hi Ian! What great ideas you have! We'll analyse them and maybe add some of the options you suggest.


    Thank you very much! Looking forward to hear what you (and others) think about them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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