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    I have been using Skype recorder for the last 12 months or so and have never had an issue at all, though the most recent version has created a lot of problems for me and has become unusable.

    For starters, now when you install the program after downloading from this site, AVG antivirus flags the setup program as a virus. I also use Malwarebytes as a premium user and this is also flagging the setup as a harmful file. I have tried to install the program by both removing the harmful file and by adding it to the ignore lists of both programs, but either way I still have issues with the program which I never had before.

    The main issue is that when the program is now installed, if I load up the recorder and then try and use Skype then the call becomes very very jerky and unwatchable, with random picture freezes and very unnatural movement. The sound also distorts and I hear lots of clicks and pops and electrical interference when the other party speaks. If I open Skype on its own without the recorder though, then I do not have these problems at all. Without the recorder I am able to have long calls with no issues whatsoever, but as soon as I load the recorder I get the same issues every time.

    I have never had these problems before, and it has really frustrated me as to how they have suddenly developed.

    I have tested the program on 2 desktop pc's, (1 AMD 4GHZ 8 Core processor with 16GB 1866 RAM & 1 2.9GHZ Intel I3 processor with 8GB RAM) and 1 Laptop (Samsung 300E5a Intel Pentium B950 with 6Gb Ram) and I have had these issues on all three computers since the latest "update" to the program. All 3 computers use windows 7 64 bit.

    If anyone can shed any light on what the issue is and how to fix it then please feel free to do so, because at this point in time I have simply removed the program from all 3 computers as it has become unusable but I would very much like to be able to use it again.

    Many Thanks


    Same problem here, i downgraded to v1.2.17.623
    Also running on windows 7 64 bit.


    I get the same issue now with that version too Tommy. It's driving me crazy!!! I guess, if they are not going to bother to fix it then I am just going to have to find some other software instead.

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