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    Hi again,

    I have used Screen Recorder but have a few questions.
    First: Is it possible to capture audio from a video played over the internet? I want to capture a streaming video (for personal use), tried several stream capturing progs but with no luck. So then I decided to use Screen Recorder and capture in a frame when playing the video but the problem is I don't have audio with the video. How to do this?
    Second: Is there a way to shrink the size of output videos? Even a few seconds recording outputs a video from already 200MB! That's just crazy :o (I do use a high resolution 1920x1080) but still... I've used HyperCam before and 15min recording only gave me 300MB video.
    Maybe I have to change the settings?

    Help appreciated ;)


    Hi again, FullHD!
    1. The feature you are requesting mostly refers to downloading programs, not to recording ones. Free Screen Video Recorder is inteneded for video and image capturing only meanwhile. But we are thinking about adding this feature in the future, however, I cannot promise when.
    2. This bug is fixed and the new version of the program will be working properly.


    Thanks for the quick response.
    Too bad it's not possible (yet). I'll be happy to see this feature in the future.
    Then again I think no program is capable or allowed to download the video I want as I think it is high protected/encrypted streaming video. Also you have to cycle through menus to get to the video wich I think would be a problem for most programs as they would probably only capture the first video in the list (if any program could record it, that is)
    As for point two, that's great news :)


    so i had same issue, but a good fix is to just use audacity in unison with the screen recorder!

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