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    I made an audio recording of a video Skype interview. I am using Windows 7. I cannot play the recording back using VLC media player/WindowsMedia/iTunes. It's in MP3 format. One detail that I don't understand is that the audio recording is 24 minutes, but when I pull it up on VLC it says it's 54 minutes. Thank you for helping me; this is for work and I badly need to retrieve the file.  Also, per which version I have: I downloaded this on 16/12/13 - so only a few days ago.


    Hi I would like to ask about this issue because recently I research a better free skype recorder with no limitation and I decide to try your software. But at the same time after I test it, I experienced a bug or problem, After I record all of my conversation, when I open it on my media player like VLC, It cannot play. So I decided to install the previous or lower version of your software  (FreeVideoCallRecorder Ver. but the problem is I also cannot disable the updates that always pop up on my screen. Any suggestions or code that can help me to disable the update?

    Please fix those problem, I really want to use your software that not relying on API in skype. Thank you.


    Anna Malter
    Jayson, I'll need the log files of the program and the recorded file for tests. Please register via Help desk and submit a request. In Subject write: "for Anna from Jayson, Forum 8284". Use this instruction to send the logs:
    1. close all DVDVideoSoft programs;
    2. go to Start => All programs => DVDVideoSoft => Tools => launch Log Report;
    3. click "YES" to open the folder with archived logs;
    4. attach "_logs_to_send" to your ticket.
    Thank you in advance!

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