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    Let's see, the intention of the program is good but fatal functional. We started with that from certain downloads in playlist, an exponentially low download speed, not being attributable to youtube servers.

    Besides, today, it looked like everything was going perfectly, had recovered a constant speed download worthy and acceptable, but, surprise! another mysterious problem remains eternally in queue and download absolutely nothing, slowing the cpu a lot.

    Also expose the cumbersome every time you re-download the same playlist, you have to go removing downloads selection of downloads successfully, one by one!!. Imagine, like me, with more than 1000 files. crazy.

    A program that is not as well finished not have the decency to ask for money. I'm seriously considering a return to complete money through paypal.

    I already have a ticket query, but this is a multitude of problems and issues. Unimaginable today.

    Resume: Gives me more problems than solutions.

    Any solution?

    ---> Free Youtube Download v 3.2.42 b716


    Same problem here.  3.2.42 build 716, Windows 8.1 x64. Very poor download speed and CPU is constantly loaded up to 100%.


    Hi Guys. Thanks for both reports. We reccomend using our new program option "Use alternative algorithm" This option is located into program Tools > Options > General.
    If the problem reproduce please send all your details in the message with the subject ''For Mikki, forum: 8882' to our support team. Best wishes, Mikki.


    Hi Mikki !!!!

    Not works good with "alternative algorithm".

    For 10 DL's works good, but after this, speed goes down, from 1 Mb/sec to 0.75Kb/sec.

    What happens really with this software?


    I've got the same problems.

    Download stops at 33 % and the program starts using a lot of CPU.
    Sometimes, when I manually stop the download, it seems that the video file is complete and is playable, but there's no audio.

    The problem doesn't occur with all Youtube video's
    Some video's will download fast, without any problem.


    hi i have a problem with the youtube downloader now it downloads the video I want but when I try to play it and it says it's now supported, now I've use this before and it worked out great but yesterday (7/24/14) thats when it was giving me this trouble I tried the other solutions but it still doesn't work can you please help me


    Same problems as above. However, when trying to install an earlier version, your software reports that I am trying to do this and do I want to download the latest version. If I say NO, then I get nothing installed and then jumps to adverts on your website. If I say Yes, I get directed to the lastest versuin which is NOT what I want. Please allow the downloading and installation of earlier versions so at least we can use something that still works.


    Heck i even tried converting it into an mp4 it worked once but now it gets to 100% but stays there


    I have this problem also but just wanted to say thanks Mikki for Use alternative algorithm as that solved my problem with cpu usage by the downloader and avgnsa.exe and so far seems to have sorted out the problem that this thread is about also being on bt infinity fibre optic I have never got over 400 download speed but now I even now get over  a meg download speed


    I was having problems aswell.Came here to see if everyone else was aswell.Thanks for working on a fix for it. Much appreciated.


    Hi Guys! Thanks for all reports! The problem is detected! Our developers preparing new program version that will contain fix for reported problems. Please be patient. Thanks for supporting us!


    The problem is still there after the update. Veeeeery high CPU usage, only single-threaded download, slow download speed. Moreover - youtube login feature does not work at all - I constantly getting "you need to login" messages.


    I am having issues with Build 806, actually the previous build was much better. It is so bad i have left my wives computer on the previous build (716?) so we can download stuff and also using a website to download other files as required that are over 100Mb
    Tested this morning on a 4.6M file - all OK
    Tested a 10.6M file - downloaded 50M and the converter stayed on Enqueued the whole time, the actual file on my computer showed 9.3M but not watchable. Closed the program after some time.
    Another interesting feature this update has revealed, Windows Explorer was using about a gig of ram when this was failing to download, this is not the first time it has happened but it is definitely linked to the converter.
    I have a limited connection so traffic is monitored at this location when i tested.
    Not sure if the logs will help but happy to send in if required.


    Yes I'm tired of this ... Is there way to get money back - refund?

    Hello! We have released a new version, please update it here. Now YouTube Download programs get the new option ‘Maximized conversion priority’ so that you can regulate CPU usage.

    MK, to get the refund, please contact our support team

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