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    Since the update to the newest Version ( of the YoutubetoMP3converter i get random error Messages

    Windows 7
    ShellExecuteEX fehlgeschlagen; Code 1155
    Shell ExecuteEx failed; code 1155, No application is associated

    When i look at the processt it is a setup/Uninstall to a "Name.tmp" in a temp folder in the Temporary files folder.

    The file says that it was created by DVDvideosoft in the Properties

    After i say "ok" or kill the process - the tmp. file in the seperate folder is deleted until the next time that error message appers (after Restart Windows or sometimes if DVD VIdeosoft Programm is open)



    Hi. Thanks for your report. Please one more time send all your details (send screen shot from error message appearing), also send your program log files so the specialists can start analyzing your case as soon as possible. Instruction:
    1. Launch 'Log Report'
    Start → All programs (Apps on Windows 8) → DVDVideoSoft → Log Report or just press Ctrl+Alt+L.
    2. Click 'OK' to open the folder with archived logs.
    3. Send '_logs_to_send' to Help Desk

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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