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    Hi - I'm using free video to iphone converter, and seem to be having trouble with some files.
    I convert using the 3g/3gs option from the drop down box. The file seems to convert properly, and I can load it into itunes. I can't however sync it onto my iphone - I get a message along the lines of "file not copied as this file can't be played on this phone". The file can play in itunes, although it is quite squeezed - everything looks tall and thin, and doesn't use the normal full screen. Can anyone help?



    Hi am having the same problems trying to convert uni videos .wmv onto my iphone 3gs converts and puts into itune but comes up with same message when i sync.


    Hi, guys, what is the model of your iPhone?



    Same problem, and quite recent (started maybe one week ago).

    Converting files for iphone 3Gs 16 GB.

    The video is converted, it is put in the iTunes sync list, but on Sync it gives a general "file cannot be synced as the format is not supported error.

    I have tried different standard (High, Economy) and made sure the drop down on the convertor says 3G/3GS.

    Files appear to be about the right size and do play, But will not sync.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dr L.


    I'm using a 32gb 3gs


    have reinstalled prior version of softwAre (the one that was valid up until april2010) and that works fine !?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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