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    I was wondering, is there a converter on the site that can convert music in links to a mp3 file? There are so much tools on the site, I can not distinguish all of their purposes anymore.

    For example: on you can listen a lot of music (quality is good), but can I get that music (that can only be played by pushing on a “play” button) to mp3 somehow?

    Is there a tool which can do this?

    Thanks in advance,




    Our software downloads from YouTube only. I’d like to recommend you another one, but I don’t know such a program. May be someone else on the forum will help you



    After searching on the internet I found a site which can capture the music from Jango to MP3. You have to pay for it though… (There is a demo version for 30 days, but it will only give you 75% of the song :s…)

    Anyway, if you are interested in spending 40 dollars for a year:

    (it works great)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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