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    I noticed that for fast internet connections the download is much faster than conversion. It would be very nice if you could implement multithreading video-mp3 conversion so in this way it won't be such a big gap between downloading and conversion...


    Hi Calin. Thanks for the report. "Conversion" mostly depends from your PC configuration. Also are you using our option "Speed up with with ATI/NVIDIA technology"? Our program is using all processors cores for conversion process.


    I have also been experiencing seemingly slow conversion speeds. I have the ATI option on (ATI Radeon HD 6870), and my system is a 64bit 3.2 Ghz AMD Phenom II quad-core with 8GB RAM reading/writing to 7200 RPM drives in a RAID 0 configuration that grants 125MB/s throughput running Win7 64bit. Task Manager system monitor does show all cores being maxed out by the process, but very little RAM is being utilized (only 2.44GB total in use). Converting to MKV is taking 4 times the length of the video being converted (eg a 1min clip takes 4min, a 1hour video takes 4hours) even without altering the resolution of the video. I would think that the process would be using more RAM to speed things up. Is there anything else I can tweak to speed this up any?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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