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    Just as the title says. Im wondering what those options are for. Anyone have a clue? The file size will vary drastically if set to MP4. I thought this program is simply ripping audio from Youtube, so why would there have to be an MP4 option? I don't understand. What is the difference between the three?

    And no, im not talking about format, all the formats you can choose from are all audio formats. Because you want to extract the audio, of course.

    Under quality, beside the video thumbnail in the program window; that's where those options are.


    Isn't this for selecting the source video format, just as with the Youtube Downloader? Even if you convert to an audio format, you still want to choose the source video format, since these differ slightly not only in video quality but also in audio quality...


    Hi! Yes, youtuber is right, on YouTube every video can be stored in different qualituies, so you can choose which one to convert from (if there is no the quality you choose for the video you want to convert, the program chooses the closest one).


    which format gives the best and highest resolution?
    Coz sometimes FLV has more size than MP4.
    Even WebM has more size than MP4 or FLV, or vice versa.
    Is it true that the bigger the size, the better the quality?



    Hi! If you need to have the best quality you should choose the better quality for your input video. When you paste a link from YouTube, you can choose one of the types of quality available on YouTube, read more here (advanced features). If there is HD available, choose this one and download it in the original format, this will be the best one. While converting your videos you won't be able to make them better than your input videos.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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