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    Hello All:

    After reading through the forums, I am wondering why the Youtube to MP3 Converter is producing quite a few files that are incompatible with iPods? Maybe 1 out of every 10 files will play on my iPod. The rest are skipped over. All of the downloaded files play fine in iTunes and Windows Media Player, though. This only started happening after the last couple of updates. Otherwise, I was able to produce high quality files that would play on an iPod with no problems.

    I have also noticed that the files that do play on my iPod cannot be edited; all of their "Details" are locked. Whereas, all of the files that do not play on my iPod are able to have their "Details" edited. I would just like to know what happened to the Youtube to MP3 Converter over the last couple of updates? I just find it so odd that all of a sudden, regardless of what setting I use, only a fraction of my downloads will play on my iPod.


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