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    Hello! I think your uploader is awesome, it’s the best programme I know that allows you to upload a lot of videos at the same time and so fast, but I think it need 2 very important things.

    I work uploading vídeos in youtube, and I use this software because I can’t upload videos from The 2 things I suggest to include are: The possibility to add the picture of the video directly on the programme and that you can add some setting on videos that adds some tags and a description you wrote in a past when you upload a video. For example; I upload a video and I don’t do anything more. Thanks to this option, the description has the social links and some tags I put in the past. The word in spanish would be “ajustes predeterminados” but I don’t know how to say it in English ://

    Thanks to read and to make this awesome programme, I love you! 😀 <33

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