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    I posted this as a continuation of another discussion but I think this warrants a separate discussion.

    I downloaded YouTube Converter As soon as I downloaded the software, YouTube lost all sound. Video is playing normally however. All other applications have sound. I attempted to uninstall the software and still no sound. Rebooting the computer does not help. There is over 80 GB of free space on the HD so that’s not a problem either. The problem persists across all browsers i.e. Mozilla, IE. Reloading the software does not help.

    I want to be clear, the problem is not with anything that I download. In fact, I tried downloading an audio file and was successful. Everything plays just fine. However, YouTube.com has become a “silent channel”.




    Problem solved. The software sets YouTube video level to 0. Whether or not one might classify it as a bug, it’s easy to fix.



    Can you send me that downloaded video for tests? I’ve emailed you how to do it. Besides specify YouTube link to that movie.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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