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    Hello everyone, thanks for the softwares and for the great work done,

    I have been faced to video editior, watched that 'help and tuto' but still I can't figure out what happen,

    I own a Channel on Youtube by sharing video clips and artists. I make these video clips under movie maker, by merging the song and a picture/video.

    Problem is that the size of the folders are really big and it takes a while to upload these clips,

    Here come my work on your softwares, I pick up the song, which has no miniature, I stick-up a picture by the audio editor so it has an avatar. Then, I open video editor, insert the music which has the picture and the sound together, - I guess I am good until now ?-, and I have to save it.

    I tried different modes :

    -Convert in AVI / 1980x1080 under MPEG-4
    -Convert as MP4 / 1920x18080

    Both settings result in a video clip, which get the same windows properties on my screen as in come out from MovieMaker.

    The size is also comfortable & minimized.

    Then, uploading on Youtube, it just stop and let me know that the format isn't good.

    Any kind of idea, I guess I do something wrong in the settings of one of these softwares or is there any possibilities to create video clip by other tools ?

    Thanks for reading :)

    Hi! Could you please send me one problem video for tests? First, check its size please.

    If your file is less than 10 mb, attach it to your ticket. If it is more than 10 mb, follow this instruction please:
    1. download Dropbox
    2. install dropbox on your PC and create an account;
    3. drop a file into the Public folder;
    4. right-click this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies an Internet link to your file that you should send me.

    Inform me if your file is over 3 gb, I'll send you further instructions.


    Hi !

    I just sent the ticket with a MP4 clip I created,

    Thanks for helping me and I hope we can find a solution !


    Great! Our specialist will answer you soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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