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    The release contains a lot of utmost fixes and updates.

    Major update for the new generation of YouTube Downloaders containing:
    - added high quality artwork support
    - improved stability and performance;
    - some of the classic settings are back in place;
    - new beautiful interface with adaptive resizing;
    - 4K resolution support;
    - improved playlist support;
    - proxy configuration support;
    - the new downloaders are now available in many languages.

    Free Audio Editor
    - Fix for the problem with "Originals format" and "Split" options.

    Updated Free Studio is available for download.

    Hello. Hope this is not considered off topic, since I still found this problem after downloading the updated version.
    I can't download and convert to mp3 songs not just from Vevo, but from other sources as well and get the message "error 4003". I read on a closed topic about this issue and understood it's due to changes on YT (we had them coming, hadn't we...) and an admin had suggested the dl of beta versions, but the links weren't found. Can anyone please help? Or is it really something related to YT you folks are working on?
    Thank you so much and keep up with the good work. Free Studio is great.


    Please send me the links and log files for test:
    1. Launch 'Log Report'
    Start → All programs (Apps on Windows 8) → DVDVideoSoft → Log Report or just press Ctrl+Alt+L.
    2. Click 'OK' to open the folder with archived logs.
    3. Send '_logs_to_send' as an attachment to support team


    i cannot download the software at all. the software doesn't open up to run or download. any suggestions on what i can do?



    Latest update to many programs affect with Windows 10. They cannot launch anymore.
    Here is additional bug for Free Video Editor:
    1. All previous versions to current version does not support sounds!
    2. No matter what user select, with every new opening the sound is checked by default in the settings menu.
    3. No matter what user change in registry to disable sound, launching the program will return settings to enabled sound in the registry.
    4. Enabled sound in registry does not allow sound playing by the program.

    In short - the program always loading with enabled sound, but there is no sound. And I think that common files are missing for Free Video Editor.

    gian submit a request to support team


    Hello Nikky. Compatibility problem is still exist with this major release. The programs do not start for Windows 10 users. Is there any hope to be solved in short time, do you know something about this, how long approximately have to wait for fix?

    NO SOUND in the latest release 4.03. Free YTD for Win 10 when downloading MKV and converting to MP4. This on two different PCs with Win10-32bit prof.  and Win-64bit home premium.

    NOTE, all worked fine on both PC Systems with last release (Sept.25 - 4.02) download & conversion (with full sound on MP4 files.

    Also, playing the files in iTunes or other Players did not help - neither change of codec.
    I noticed, that with the former version, MKV files were temporarely downloaded before conversion.
    with 4.03 even a strait download (no conversion) of MKV results in an MP4 file.
    Furthermore, downloading MP4 files NO Problem and is fine incl. sound.

    Hence, there appears to be an issue with the download.



    Tested the classic version of the software, and it works perfectly fine. After further research they do a very horrible job of describing what exactly YouTube encrypted movie downloads truly means. Simply means that you could say download a movie you rent off YouTube, who rents movies from YouTube? But anyways, I think overall a better description of the perks and benefits of Pro vs. Free needs to be available for customers to review. That would have avoided any confusion on this, just my feedback though.

    BugEscaper we found the bug and now the specialists are fixing it. We hope to get the fix very soon. Stay tuned!

    hs.saladin@vtxmail we need your help to investigate the issue, please submit a request to support team and copy your message from this topic. Our specialist will answer you with further instructions.

    jeremyhewit, thank you for the feedback. We'll take it into consideration.

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