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    Hello ... good day ... I am paying user ... I'm having trouble downloading videos, in all my downloads gives error error downloading video in youtube free download v 3.1.35 build 903 ... before I updated the program was having another problem was that insertion of code validation made ​​over 100 downloads but never gave this error ... Now that I did the upgrade to this version only gives error and I can not do any more ... download I do not know what else to do ... DVDVideoSoft Please resolve this problem ASAP ...

    Our specialists are looking for a solution. We'll inform you as soon as get news.


    Hey Nikky....
    Sure you guys are doing your best.
    It's much appiciated...... Thx for some great programs......


    Admin, you're a great job. God Bless you!




    Thanks Nikky

    Can You give us all just a rough idea about when the fix will be available (1 hour, few hours, a day,.....)?
    Thank You!!!!


    Folks,  pl. be patient and wait until the work around is done and the new release is ready


    bis heute war es das beste was ich je hatte, nur seid dem Update heute morgen geht nix mehr "Fehler beim Herunterladen" bei allen Links die ich einfügte hbe auch Support kontktieren betätigt , kommt aber nur eine weiße Seite die sich nie aufbaut, hab ca 15 minuten gewartet und dann gefrustet geschlossen. alles neu hat auch nichts gebracht... leider


    Thanks, Nikky! I thought there was a problem with the actual downloading of the software, not YouTube. I was like 'Damn, this is going to be a long night.'

    Glad I didn't do anything ;D


    Is there any estimated time of fix? like today or next week?
    great stuff...

    guys, this is exactly what we want to know ... what we want to know is if there is some light at the end of the tunnel ... or whether we should abandon the group DVDVideoSoft ... There is light at the end of the tunnel, for how many days we can see the light?


    Well, maybe that's the problem I'm having.

    I've been a while without using the program, today I downloaded the latest version on my laptop. Because the sites that download the audio for are really anoying, and almost all of them can't handle japanese characters. And I can't do tricks recordind with audacity because of windows 7

    The main reasons why i love using Free youtube to MP3 converter, are that it can handle japanese characters (including large capitals leters and strange brackets) except in a few videos, but maybe the fault is from the own video.
    Also, the program gives to the audio files a little thumbnail, and my MP3 player can display them, so works perfectly with the japanese songs <3

    i went to my old PC, who still had one old version and some of the download history. I noticed the old videos downloaded ha a "FLV video quality", while new ones has a "MPG/MGR video quality."

    I also checked redownloading some of the old videos, and this quality had changed.

    Well, now the downloader only verify the video, start the download, but it stops. after a while, the program show the error.

    So, the fault of the program error are from youtube, who has changed some his videos?
    Well, if it this, I hope a solution be found soon.


    do you know when it gets fiked?


    Im also getting a video downloading error message it was working ok just after midnight last night(british summer time) but this morning it wasnt doing so and has been like this all day
    will i have to download a new version of the software or will the 3.0.22 version still work when the problem is fixed
    im downloading in mpg format and burning to disc on dvd pal dvd pal standard quality and so far havent had any problems with the discs.
    i even bought a spindle of 25 dvd blanks yesterday for downloads and now cant use them until the problem is fixed lol


    Great to hear, that you are working on solving the problem :-)

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