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    I tried downloading the free studio again and downloading the 3.11.30(31).915 but each time i paste a song i get in yellow text "video not available in your country"  I know patience is needed, this is just frustrating though.


    Bei mir hats jetzt mit version v.3.11.31build95 funktioniert,konnte lieder runterladen und konvertieren.Wer weiss wie lang es noch geht...

    For me version v.3.11.31build95 worked,download and converting was ok.
    I only tried free you tube to mp3,idk if free you tube to dvd will work again,try it tomorrow.



    Hey guys, I was messing around trying to see if there's anything I can do to fix it and I was able to get mine working again. I re installed the latest version, and turned on Hotspot Shield. I don't know why but after I turned it on everything started working and I've downloaded 10+ songs without fail. Not sure if this will work for anyone else but it worked for me so I figured I'd share. Good luck!


    have V3.11.30 build 903 just found the problen (Video down loading error)  what to do ? need a fix please! just love your music  only have short time to here some


    And of course right after I post it stops working again! Well it was worth a shot at least I got 13 songs!


    So glad that it is not just me experiencing this problem! Hope it gets sorted soon, loads of new songs I want to get! Patience is a virtue and all that jazz, but i need me some new music haha!! Thanks for letting us know you are aware of the problem & doing something about it. Can't wait for update!


    I've tried using both, YouTube Downloader and YouTube to MP3 Downloader, but everytime I've pasted a link in, it'll say it's loading and then it'll stop altogether and say: Video downloading error.

    I think it might be the new software update, YouTube has on its videos (an administrator said so earlier), so I'll just sit back and wait. But I do hope the problem will be fixed soon!


    As of right now, it seems to be working fine, 1/5 things I try to download show the error but if i try again it works


    I've got this one

    and it's working fine at the moment, hopefully it'll stay like that.

    I don't know if country is an issue here (I'm in the UK)...

    Hope you guys get it sorted soon :)


    Does the artwork download for that version ?


    i have downloaded the latest version... but i have only managed to download one song...and then the same error appears...


    I have build 915 and it would download up to .50 % and say download failed about 30 mins ago and now it says video not in your country. Please help other then that great programs.


    The problem has been fixed, just wait while installations are uploaded to the server.


    Just dowloaded the latest youtube to mp3 downloader and it worked mostly fine. It didnt record artwork or other information but was still able to download the songs. And if the video still says video error, try redownload again in the program. it worked for me after some tries. im from Norway if you wonder if it only works in certain locations, and not yours.


    I also downloaded it again from the link you guys just posted above and it works now! I've just successfully converted two songs.
    Greetings from Germany

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 262 total)

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