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    How do I convert a MP4 file to DVD format when the file is so big it need to be burned on a DVD DL disk ?
    When I add the file it stay in the DVD at the bottom fiels reducing the quatity to fit a normal DVD.
    How do I choose that I want to use HD quality using a DVD DL disk to burn the file on?

    Best Regards

    Ole Klausen

    Hello! The program doesn't reduce the quality of the input video.Try to choose 'DVD NTSC Widescreen High Quality'. It may help you burn a DVD DL disc.


    Hello Nikky, thanks for answer.

    In Denmark we do not use NTSC but PAL,
    When I choose PAL Widescreen High Quality and the MP4 file is about 8GB it shows in the bottom field when converted to DVD the occupied space will only be about 4GB which in my mind only can mean it has reduced the quality - how can it else reduce the file to half size?

    You write " It may help to burn a DVD DL disk " - YES exactly! BUT how do I choose DVD DL ?
    I can not find a menu where I can choose between normal DVD and DVD DL ?
    Thanks in advance

    Ho Ole! So choose 'DVD PAL Widescreen High Quality'. You don't need to choose DVD DL disc, the program will do it automatically, look at the 'Occupied space' line, there is DVD DL.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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