How capture a JPG from Video at any frame manually?

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    I want to capture a JPG from Video manually, but your "Free Video to JPG Converter 2.1.2 " is just working only automatically.

    Does any freesoft recommend?


    Thanks a lot.
    Yes, the Free Video to JPG Converter is a best choice to do it automatically. But I want to capture a JPG manually, like No.5, No.9 and No.24 frame.
    The old version seems to have that functions. But now could not find it.


    Hi, ALL

    I have found a freesoft for my being. Please ckeck it.


    I was having the same inquiry and I came across this thread. I have checked the link provided above and have found out that it is well detailed and had helped me a lot. I am now in the process of learning.


    Please, describe your problem in details. What program and what version of it are you using?
    Describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.


    Hello, I have the same query.  I want to play a video file and choose which frame to save as a Jpeg photo.   I was expecting to be able to play the video whilst watching it, pause the video at the bit that I want, then save that image as a jpeg. Does this program allow that?  If the program does it automatically evry so many frames, it will be rather hit and miss  I think.  Thank you for your help


    philippa, no, our program can't play back the video. Thank you for your suggestion, but now we don't plan to change anything in the program.

    You can use Mozilla Firefox add-ons or use print screen as well


    It's a good thing I landed on this thread. I been having the same problem with jpg's as well. Reading the thread gives a lot of benefits. Thanks to all!


    which add-on firefox  you say, explain to me


    Dennis Dallas
    Firefox was really something to do with that update.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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