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    Gif Maker right away shuts down as soon as i import/open a video. I thought it might be related to mp4, so i tried other video formats but with all the same thing happened. It shuts down instead of importing a video. I hope you fix this bug.

    I spent 10 minutes playing around with this problem to see if I can recreate it.
    I recorded a 20 second and 1 minute video of my hand. Both videos had an AVI and an MP4 copy.
    I dragged and dropped each one separately and waited each time and nothing happened at all.
    I also tried to drag them all at once and nothing happened at all.

    Then came the fun task of clicking add file.
    I very quickly recreated nur's problem and others.
    A couple of times it froze but I did have some limited success.
    20 second AVI was the only successful video. Twice.
    First time I hit play and there my hand was moving on the screen.
    Then it crashed halfway through the video and left me a sweet little error message.
    Second time it froze and crashed before I could hit play.

    MP4 was like instant no-go. It just didn't. Now I can play with file types all night but I doubt it will come to anything. This is kinda a major bug and if it can't be fixed quickly it should at least be mentioned on the download page that users have been experiencing issues with the software and that at this point in time the software may not work for some users


    Hi Guys. Thanks for both reports. The problem is detected. We have fixed the problem and next release will feature the update. You will need to update. The program will notify you about a new update available. Regards, Miki.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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