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    Q Support
    I read one of your responses:

    "Now we are faced with a difficult choice. We'll probably remove all ads from out installations and make our free apps paid."

    FreeStudio is one of the best software suit I have ever used. As a user, I fully understand the need for ad revenue to keep the software free. However, there are dishonest ad developers that create annoying and even destructive ads that tarnish the good reputation of DVDVideoSoft.

    If you can offer your software suit, free from any ads, no limits on your playlists, completely malware free, no other hidden limits, lifetime updates...

    I am willing to pay up to $99.99. No, I am not rich but I want to reward good honest software developers.



    Thank you for the positive attitude, we really appreciate it.
    Premium version gives you the following benefits:

    - Extended playlist download
    - Ad free installation and updates
    - Priority customer support

    The price starts from 9,95$ per 6 months and we also guarantee 60-Day Money-Back. Here you'll find more information about it.


    How many videos can you download up to Nikky? Another software I bought lets me download all videos in playlist even if it's over 100. Why can't this software allow that?

    @ gamer2975 DVDVideoSoft downloaders also let you download full playlists and user channels for premium users.
    If you have any difficulties, let us know aboit is ASAP.


    Hi,   Nikky,  i got your email and activate key, now is activated, thank you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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