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    I'm still having this issue, no matter what song I try to copy and paste into the converter, it always gives me the same signature problem (4003) so this issue most certainly is not resolved. I have the latest version downloaded, I restarted my computer, I closed out the program and reopened it, it still does not work. Please help with a solution and don't tell me to download the latest version because it already is downloaded.


    I'm having this exact same issue. Like Jackvegas83, I have the latest version downloaded and I've done everything the administrators said would fix this problem. Still, not fixed. Please, find a solution; this is the best programme there is to download audio from youtube.


    I know that admins has been saying that this issue has been fixed but it has not been fixed, maybe for some other programs has been fixed but not for the FreeYoutubetoMP3 and FreeYoutubeDownloader.

    PLEASE NOTE: I restarted the program lots of times (DID NOT WORK), uninstalled and re-installed the program (DID NOT WORK), downloaded the program again, uninstalled and re-installed for the second time, and still nothing, IT DOES NOT WORK.

    MORE NOTES: This afternoon it worked fine, now I came home this evening and its giving this error code. THANKS

    Hello! Thank you for the information. The fix is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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