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    you're right! It's only the Vevo links..


    I can download many, but vevo plus other newer music videos (like boxer rebellion's diamonds or savages' shut up) fail. Are the new links/pages being programmed to thwart dvdvideosoft's downloader? I hope a future new version can fix this.


    Dear users, please contact our engineers via Facebook or Helpdesk and send him the YouTube links and the log files for tests:
    1. reproduce the error and close all DVDVideoSoft programs;
    2. go to Start => All programs => DVDVideoSoft => Tools => launch Log Report;
    3. click "YES" to open the folder with archived logs;
    4. attach "_logs_to_send" to your ticket.
    Please mention in Subject of your message "for Adria from UserName, Forum 7265". Do not forget to specify, if you get the error message on all YouTube links or only on certain ones.


    Hi all,
    My reported problem also comes from Vevo (on both Downloader and MP3 converter)


    I would hope the issue with youtube vevo links is repeatable for the engineers, and that it is already on their radar. A lot of mainstream american music videos are on vevo.


    same problem here


    You can dowload all videos, except for VEVO videos...


    If this is any help

    I have found that the only videos i'm unable to rip with your software are VEVO videos. All other videos rip fine.

    I believe they have implemented different security measures so we are unable to rip their stream anymore.

    Hope this helps.


    Hahahaha damn they are smart. They are using a stream for their videos now. That's why we can't read/rip it- VEVO videos are now streamed like a webcam- instead of an absolute 'definite' video file value stream.

    There's no file to download, just a real 'stream'...

    This should help debug and figure out what you want... man this sucks. VEVO, get a life.


    Guy, the problem has just been fixed.
    We'll upload the installer ASAP


    not to sound impatient but the post that the issue had been fixed was 7 hours ago and there hasn't been another post since.. I keep checking for updates and trying to download to no avail.. am I missing something? :) As always, thanks for your help and excellent services.


    getting the error with non-vevo videos as well...


    looks like it's working again! :) Thank you so much.


    Many thanks administrator. Followed link. Now both programs working fine. Didnt try it on vevo videos tho.


    Tried yesterday (23/06). All was working fine. Thanks for your help.

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