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    Recently downloaded Free Studio 2013 and started downloading videos from youtube. Until today i can't download a video on youtube. It says "No video to download" while i watching the same video in Google Chrome. Why it says there are no video to download when i watching it at the same link?
    The link is :
    How to download this video again?

    Thanks in Advance


    Try this version
    If it will not be of help, please just let us know.


    john mcalindon
    I have just installed the latest version of 2013 and still have the "No video to download" issue. The doesn't cure it for me.


    Dear John. Your case is of high importance for us. We greatly appreciate your efforts in explaining the issue. However, in order to provide you with appropriate assistance from our Support team, we need to ask you to contact our engineer on Facebook:
    It is mostly needed for easiness of communication in our efforts to solve your issue. You will get a live help from the engineer and this will help to solve the issue faster. Thanks for your understanding.


    These guys aren't the only ones having this problem. I as well as me, I think many other people have faced this error message. Please give a solution.


    Vlad, if you're getting "No video to download" on the latest version (it is Build 430 now), please, feel free to contact our engineer on Facebook or write us via Help desk. Just specify "for Adria, from Vlad, Forum 7265". We'll try our best to help you.


    Did not have this problem till yesterday. Then downloaded new version of freeyoutubedownload - v 3.2.3 build 610. Same problem error message - No video to download. Could someone please help.




    lee, I need some more info from you. Please contact me via Facebook or Help desk and send me the log files of the program for tests:

    1. reproduce the error and close all DVDVideoSoft programs;

    2. go to Start => All programs => DVDVideoSoft => Tools => launch Log Report;

    3. click “YES” to open the folder with archived logs;

    4. attach “_logs_to_send” to your ticket.

    Please specify in Subject: “for Adria from lee, Fotum 7265”.


    Adria, Tx for quick response. Followed your instructions to step 3. But when i click on logs-to-sent got message that 14 days free trial of zip program expired. When i close this message, the log window closes as well. Dont even know i have a zip program. I have also posted this problem on help desk and understand someone will be assigned to assist. Appreciate you assistance.


    I have the same problem, "No video to download"

    i just downloaded Free Utube to MP3 Version 3.12.3 build 610

    I run windows 7 home 64 bit
    Firefox browser.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi everebody

    I have the same problem as Lee and Russel since earlier this afternoon (CET). Downloader in version 3.12.3 buid 610 does not work ("No video to download" message).
    MP3 converter (same version) works fine.
    Everything was working perfectly yesterday (20/06) and earlier this afternoon.

    I'm running Windows 7 home 64 bits and Internet Explorer as a browser.

    Thanks in advance for helping out


    same problem:
    "No video to download" since the update to the latest version.



    same problem in here since last update of build 610 3.12.3.


    not to clutter up this forum, but yes, I'm having the same problem, as well. Started yesterday (June 20th).. plz help!


    Same here but only from vevo. others work fine

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