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    Hi there,
    I'm still unable to download with build 424. I uninstalled the previous version completely, and still getting this error.
    An error occurred
    [Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.Object
    reference not set to an instance of an object.]
    Please send '_logs_to_send' file to DVDVideoSoft support team

    Also, as a blind user am unable to fill out the helpdesk form. Can't see the edit box for the program and version.
    Also - when are we going to go back to the nice installer we used to have?


    I have the same problem,I want the earlier version of Free Youtube download ,The build 424 comepletely don't work .help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi, as for me, when I try to install it the error pop up of "Please connect to the internet and click "OK" to continue. I mean I am connected to the internet already 24/7 and why this issue remains til now?


    I uninstalled the previous versions before installing build 424, but I still can't download from YouTube. Help! Apparently a lot of people have the same problems. Please release a fix soon!


    Hi Wolfman. Also please send your log files. Use the instructions from my message upper.
    About your other reported problem. What kind of program you are using as a blind person. We should report that to "ZenDesk" company, because we used their help desk suite. What about our installer? What you don't like? We have 2 types of installers. One is web, and the another is the standalone one. Best wishes, Mikki.


    Version 424 opens too many connections at once.

    From programmer point of view... my investigation...
    1. free sockets in windows are exhausted... with thousands of opened connection ...
    2. when I modified windows registry to allow more user sockets... then my (quite old, but good;)) home router gets blocked....
    3. version 424 works well, only when connected directly to WAN cable and only with windows registry modification (but it's not acceptable solution, because of internet security reasons)

    Please... give us access to previous version.....! :)


    Hi Mikki,
    I am unable to send my logs as I cannot edit the fields which say 'program' and 'version'. I have no idea why.
    Also, where do i find the standalone installer? I don't see it.

    Tom - isn't there a setting in free youtube download to only make it use a certain amount of connections or does that not even work?
    As it stands I can't even paste a link let alone start the download process, haven't been able to since build 327.

    Frustrated to say the least.


    I think there is no standalone installer for current version...

    no opt for changing amount of connections (or I don't see it)

    I've uninstalled it and waiting for previous or next version.
    327 was working like a charm, but I didn't save installer on disk, shame on me...:(


    @Wolfman, We recommend you to reinstall our program in the following way:
    1. First uninstall all our programs:
    Click Start → All Programs → DVDVideoSoft → Uninstall
    Manually delete folders (if you have them on your PC)
    - C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft
    - C:Program FilesCommon FilesDVDVideoSoft
    - C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingDVDVideoSoft (this folder is hidden, you should change the settings, to be viewable so you can delete)
    2. Also you can download and install some free cleaning (registry) program (example: CCleaner) ; then Run it, open Registry tab and click the Scan for issue button.
    4. After that reboot your computer.
    5. Download and install the latest program version clicking here.
    By the way all our program standalone installations you can find if you click here, and download the programs from that page.
    Best wishes, Mikki.


    PS. link to 327 version "unofficial" , "for additional testing", "for desperate users" maybe ? ;)


    Hi Tom,
    I can send a dropbox link to the installer when I get home from work in a few hours.
    Mikkii, just tried uninstalling all your programs and the uninstaller is completely inaccessible to a screen reader *blind person)!
    Deleted dvd video soft program files and common, also in roaming of ap data and the dvd video soft IE helper in local
    went into registry and removed all related to dvd video soft.

    Still no luck.


    Tom and anyone else interested,
    here is build 327.

    I will say this though, I couldn't get this to work either.


    Wolfman thanks.

    I've checked 327 and the newest 430. Both works without download errors. So, for me, usability problem is solved.

    But... seems that problem with thousands opened connections is not only in 424 version, It's in all versions. Downloader eats all available port resources and sometimes blocks internet connection for other apps.
    I didn't notice that problem before, because I usually downloading when computer in not in use.
    So... when and wake up and all files are downloaded,... it's no problem;)

    Of course it shoud be fixed... now downloader works like .... downloading circa 100MB ... then about 2 min doing nothing (waiting till windows frees blocked resources).... then downloading 100MB.... and so on.
    On 60Mb/s connection downloader working time is about 20% and then doing nothing with 80% of time.


    Hi Tom. Thanks for your detailed feedback. Our developers detected the problem. Further they will analyze the problem more detailed, and will try to fix it as soon as possible.
    Thanks for supporting us TOM! We are glad that we have uses as you are! Best wishes, Mikki.


    To get around the inaccessible uninstaller for those with screenreaders, go directly to the file called "unins000.exe" without the quotes and enter on that. The file is located in the "DVDVideoSoft" folder, "C:Program Files (x86)DVDVideoSoft" for Windows 64-bit users, and "C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft" for Windows 32-bit users. For now, using the uninstaller in the control panel is absolutely the wrong way for us blind people to go about it. Using the "unins000.exe" file brings up a normal uninstall screen that is easily tabbed through.

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