Free Studio 6.3.9 is out!

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    Update Free Studio to the latest version and enjoy:

    - a new algorithm of YouTube download
    - 'Enqueued' state problem solved
    - 'Upload date' option fixed and more

    Get more details here


    ... and I have never had to complain before about programs not doing what they should until the last half dozen releases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ... and I don't like having to do it !!!

    ... I have only tried Free YouTube Download 6.3.9 !
    ... Run the program,
    request a video to download,
    it loads the video and commences to download
    and then it crashes.
    ... You get the usual notification on screen it is closing and you OK it,
    you rerun the program only to find it doesn't load,
    and on examination in Task Manager you find the first run of the program still running.
    ... "End processes tree", Rerun, same problem.

    I'm going back to the previous version now. I can't afford to waste my time!

    ... and while I am at it, when are we going to get the FULL set of programs with the Free Studio download ????

    Hedley [Premium Member]

    Hi Hedley! Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Send us the logs and the specialists start analysing your case as soon as possible.

    1. Launch 'Log Report'
    Start → All programs (Apps on Windows 8) → DVDVideoSoft → Log Report or just press Ctrl+Alt+L.
    2. Click 'OK' to open the folder with archived logs.
    3. Send '_logs_to_send' to Help Desk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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