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    Batikan Dogan
    Can we set a custom resolution in this software? I had been using YouTube to MP3 Converter software of DVDVideoSoft in the last year :) but I discovered this sofware just in this morning. :) I wanted to set 480x270 for my PSP. Happily, some videos download directly 480x270, 480x272, 362x272 and old videos download usually 320x240 from Youtube. :) As we know we don't need to convert these videos that downloads max 480x272 resolution. But unhappily, a lot of video downloads 640x360 resolution (360p) and we cannot download 240p videos with .mp4 extension. :( I used 320x176 pixel for one of my videos for testing for conversation in this software because most suitable resolution for PSP was this in Widht and Height pixel list. Thank you for reading my message...


    Batikan Dogan
    Hi again,
    I discovered the solution. :) I had installed the old PSP video converter software of DVDVideoSoft called Free Video to Sony PSP Converter v5.0.35build304 and I discovered what I searching for in this version. (This can be accomplish Free MP4 Video Converter too.)

    Firstly, we click the 'Preset editor' button in the bottom right corner in the main windows of the software:

    After this, we click the 'New' button in the Preset Editor window:

    And now we can set our parameters we want:

    In this window, we enter manually 270 pixel in the 'Height' box instead of 272 pixel (the yellow areas I highlighted are replaced automatically) so we obtain 480x270 pixel resolution 16:9 (1,7777) AR (aspect ratio) exactly. You may leave the Video frame rate (29,97 FPS), bitrate (500Kbps-Kbit/sec) and the Audio sample rate (44,1KHz), bitrate (96Kbps AAC), channels (Stereo) as 'Same as input' values so the software converted our video with the original values with our actual video. With this solution, we converted 640x360, 1280x720 HD resolution videos we have downloaded from YouTube to 480x270 resolution to play on our PSP without a quality loss. Actually, PSP shows 480x272 pixel resolution videos as 480x270 already. Nevertheless, if you want 16:9 AR exactly like me then this solution for you. Also you can create new presets for your 4:3 (1,3333) and other AR videos. (for example, you can create 360x270 resolution for 480x360 (4:3), 640x480 (4:3) videos or 480x204 resolution for cinema AR 21:9 (2,35) videos you have downloaded from YouTube) Thank you for reading.

    Added: 360×270 resolution for 4:3 videos and 480×204 for 21:9 videos

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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