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    I have a AVI video, 322 MB. When I use Free AVI converter I get an mp4, size = 387 MB. When I use Free video to iPad the mp4  size is 530 MB.

    The conversion takes much longer using the to iPad converter. It then takesmuch longer to upload it to SkyDrive. Both uploaded files look good.

    Is there any advantage in using the Free video to iPad converter? I am using an iPad 2 at the moment but I may sometimes need to use an iPad 3

    Hi Mikki. Thanks for your reply. The program presets for the Free AVI Video converter are simply set to"Same as input", but I have included the information from the Properties of the resulting file output from the Free AVI Video in parenthesis after the to iPad values.

    For the Free Video to iPad Converter they are, Frame rate = 25 fps (29 fps),
    Bit rate = 1.5 Mb/s (984kbps) , Width = 1024 (352), Height = 768 (264).

    There are quite big differences in my mind, but I know very little about these matters. I don't think that you need to spend any time on this matter. I have checked out the results on an iPad 2 and both videos look fine so I can use the Free AVI Video Converter. If it turns out that the iPad 3 needs higher quality then I'll still have the original AVI Video and I can convert it to iPad.

    Thanks very much for.your help


    Hi Robert. Thanks for your feedback. The difference in size and time for converting according to your report, between the both output video files is because you are using different program presets (different parameters). This is normal. Best wishes, Mikki.

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