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    I believe the Audio Converter may have a COM surrogate virus attached.


    We checked all our software with Norton and Microsoft antivirus software and it's ok. All our software is absolutely free and safe for use. Maybe you need to update your antivirus software, the latest versions do not detect any threats. You can check the programs for viruses with this simple tool
    If after checking the .exe file, you get any reports about viruses in the program, please, send us the links showing this and, please, specify where you downloaded our programs from.



    I don’t want to necro this thread, but in response to nutella01: If you happen to have Windows 10 and it tells you you can’t edit a file because it’s in use by COM Surrogate, this isn’t caused by DVDvideosoft’s software. It’s a known Windows 10 issue. Windows 7 has similar issues like that. Usually a clean reboot fixes it. If not, leave the file alone for a while while you do something else or listen to other music, it’ll unlock eventually.


    Hi Marcy!

    Thank you for the posted information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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