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    i ritate my video with flip and rotate, but the video seems to be moving faster than the original one, but the sound stays normal. so , in the end there are missing sounds..


    Have the same problem :/


    Frank Howard
    Noelle Pozzi, I also have a file from my phone that I placed on my PC and flipped it... The video is twice as fast as the original "unflipped" file. Your assistance would be appreciated...


    Noelle Pozzi
    Frank Howard, it seems that some of the characteristics of your file aren't supported for now. Follow the instruction above (In Subject please type "Noelle:<<Your Username>>  forum 2932) +specify the source of your file. We will test your file and try to fix the problem in the next releases


    have sent a blank email as i couldn't attach file i'm having the same problem


    I got same problem. How do we fix it ??


    I flipped a file I had taken with my phone but now have no audio at all.  The flip looks to have worked perfectly, just no audio


    Hi, please follow my instructions as described in the post above.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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